Who won the meeting with Dolly?

Who won the meeting with Dolly?  I know it was an anonymous bidder who paid ONLY $138 000.00 to get the chance to meet Dolly. This bidder will take five friends to Nashville and be Dolly’s guests YAAY!! Congratulations! Both to Dr. Robert .F. Thomas Foundation and to the bidder .

This is what is waiting for the lucky bidder!

Dolly’s High Rise HideAway Auction for Up To Six Guests To Benefit the Dr. Robert F. Thomas Foundation
-Noon arrival in Nashville
-Accommodations for up to six overnight guests provide in Dolly’s High Rise HideAway
-Dolly arrives at 2 p.m. To greet the group with a stretch limousine
-Dolly personally guides her guests on a tour of Nashville landmarks and locations of personal interest her includ

ing the following:
– a tour of Dolly’ s lake house
– a visit to Dolly’s private Nashville estate Brentwood. To preserve Carl Dean’s privacy, there are no plans to tour Dolly’s personal residence.
-the location of Dolly’s first apartment
-the spot where Dolly met her husband, Carl Dean, at the Wishy Washy Laundromat on her first day in Nashville
-the first house that Dolly and Carl Dean bought which is where she wrote so many of her hits, including “Jolene,” “I Will Always Love You,” and ” Love Is Like a Butterfly
-RCA Studio where Dolly recorded so many of her hits as well as her duets with Porter Wagner
-Drive by other landmarks like the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry House as time allows
-Return to Dolly’s High Rise HideAway where Dolly hosts a catered dinner prepared and served by her staff.
-After dinner, guests can enjoy time on their own to see the sights in downtown Nashville or just kick back and relax in Dolly’s High Rose HideAway.
-Guests will spend the nit in Dolly’s High Rise HideAway. (Dolly will not stay at the High Rise HideAway.)
-The following morning, Dolly returns with the stretch limo and takes her guests to a catered breakfast and tour at her Inca Hoots compound. The tour includes her tour bus.

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