Auction at Evening of Elegance 2012

Go to the auction at the Evening of Elagence 2012 in Sevierville and you have the chance to win this ( Don’t forget to bring alot of money!) :

Dolly’s High Rise HideAway Auction for Up To Six Guests To Benefit the Dr. Robert F. Thomas Foundation 
-Noon arrival in Nashville 
-Accommodations for up to six overnight guests provide in Dolly’s High Rise HideAway
-Dolly arrives at 2 p.m. To greet the group with a stretch limousine
-Dolly personally guides her guests on a tour of Nashville landmarks and locations of personal interest her including the following:
– a tour of Dolly’ s lake house
– a visit to Dolly’s private Nashville estate Brentwood. To preserve Carl Dean’s privacy, there are no plans to tour Dolly’s personal residence.
-the location of Dolly’s first apartment 
-the spot where Dolly met her husband, Carl Dean, at the Wishy Washy Laundromat on her first day in Nashville 
-the first house that Dolly and Carl Dean bought which is where she wrote so many of her hits, including “Jolene,” “I Will Always Love You,” and ” Love Is Like a Butterfly”
-RCA Studio where Dolly recorded so many of her hits as well as her duets with Porter Wagner 
-Drive by other landmarks like the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry House as time allows
-Return to Dolly’s High Rise HideAway where Dolly hosts a catered dinner prepared and served by her staff.
-After dinner, guests can enjoy time on their own to see the sights in downtown Nashville or just kick back and relax in Dolly’s High Rose HideAway.
-Guests will spend the nit in Dolly’s High Rise HideAway. (Dolly will not stay at the High Rise HideAway.)
-The following morning, Dolly returns with the stretch limo and takes her guests to a catered breakfast and tour at her Inca Hoots compound. The tour includes her tour bus.

The High Rise HideAway will be coordinated based on the winner and Dolly’s availability.

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