Dolly & Carl ??


Today I found a funny quiz at the Swedish newspaper :  about long time marriages in Hollywood. They mentioned Dolly’s 46 years marriage with Carl, with this photo. First time I saw that photo  I got a gut feeling that the guy isn’t Carl, my thoughts was that’s Dolly’s former Official Dollywood photographer Bill Cody . I might have wrong on that.  The guy is a country singer according to another fan of Dolly.Then I did a little research on how Carl looks like and found on youtube, that he got straight hair and this one have curly ones.

Here is the youtube link :

So is this the right Carl?

3 thoughts on “Dolly & Carl ??

  1. That is Carl, alright–Carl PERKINS of early Sun Studios fame. He is the late rock-a-billy star who recorded at Sun in the early days with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, et al. When Luther Perkins (no relation) died tragically in a house fire, Carl took over the job of Johnny Cash’s guitar picker in the Tennessee Three. He is probably best known as the composer of “Blue Suede Shoes” , a song with which he had a modicum of success with, but with which Elvis recorded and rode to national prominence, cementing his place in rock ‘n roll history.

    • I should have mentioned, Dolly recorded one of Perkins’ songs :”Silver and Gold”. And that is an absolutely wonderful picture of the both of them. Thanks for posting it.
      BTW, Perkins and Dolly have one other thing in common: they both wear/wore “wigs”. 🙂 Perkins went bald in his middle age and took to wearing toupees. I must say, he pulled it off much better than most men. He really looks great in that pic. And of course, Dolly looks awesome, as always! Thanks again for posting.

  2. A Dollyfan from USA, have told me that the guy is a Country singer . He’s NOT Dolly’s hubby Carl on that photo. Anyone know the name of the country singer?

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