Auction at Evening of Elegance 2012

Go to the auction at the Evening of Elagence 2012 in Sevierville and you have the chance to win this ( Don’t forget to bring alot of money!) :

Dolly’s High Rise HideAway Auction for Up To Six Guests To Benefit the Dr. Robert F. Thomas Foundation 
-Noon arrival in Nashville 
-Accommodations for up to six overnight guests provide in Dolly’s High Rise HideAway
-Dolly arrives at 2 p.m. To greet the group with a stretch limousine
-Dolly personally guides her guests on a tour of Nashville landmarks and locations of personal interest her including the following:
– a tour of Dolly’ s lake house
– a visit to Dolly’s private Nashville estate Brentwood. To preserve Carl Dean’s privacy, there are no plans to tour Dolly’s personal residence.
-the location of Dolly’s first apartment 
-the spot where Dolly met her husband, Carl Dean, at the Wishy Washy Laundromat on her first day in Nashville 
-the first house that Dolly and Carl Dean bought which is where she wrote so many of her hits, including “Jolene,” “I Will Always Love You,” and ” Love Is Like a Butterfly”
-RCA Studio where Dolly recorded so many of her hits as well as her duets with Porter Wagner 
-Drive by other landmarks like the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry House as time allows
-Return to Dolly’s High Rise HideAway where Dolly hosts a catered dinner prepared and served by her staff.
-After dinner, guests can enjoy time on their own to see the sights in downtown Nashville or just kick back and relax in Dolly’s High Rose HideAway.
-Guests will spend the nit in Dolly’s High Rise HideAway. (Dolly will not stay at the High Rise HideAway.)
-The following morning, Dolly returns with the stretch limo and takes her guests to a catered breakfast and tour at her Inca Hoots compound. The tour includes her tour bus.

The High Rise HideAway will be coordinated based on the winner and Dolly’s availability.

Saturday Guest: Harrel Gabehart TN USA



Why is Dolly special for you? 

Dolly is special for me because she advocates being the person that you are regardless of who it is.  She is one of the reasons that gave me the courage to come out and deal with all the negativity of being gay…

Tell me about the day when you became a fan of Dolly…

I wasn’t a Dolly fan until I met Patric back in 1988.  I thought country music was depressing and sad…..He is the reason that I started listening to Dolly.

Tell me about the days you met Dolly…

I’ve met her any number of times and each time she was personable and made you feel like you were the only one in the room, but the most memorable time was when Ms Dolly showed up at our house.  It was a total surprise and once in a lifetime opportunity.  She was here also for the filming of the TLC documentary called My Obsession Collection.  She was so energetic, upbeat and most of all, she was speechless.  She heard of our collection but she could not even imagine all of the things that we had.  She gave us some history of some of the things that we have, she found things that she didn’t even knew that existed and just walked around in amazement over all the things she saw.  I truly think that she was humbled by all the items that she saw.  She stayed for about 3 hours or so and made us feel really special and to make things even better, she brought us a house warming gift.  She brought us a pair of the Backwoods Barbie shoes that were displayed in her museum and even autographed them and even had a picture made in them.  Nothing could ever top this day…

If you had the possibility to go out with Dolly, what would you do? 

This might sound strange but I would like her to come back to the house and I would cook her dinner and just talk, nothing more, nothing less…

Do you have any more goals to make about your dreams?

One goal is to get my dolls started again.

By: Diana Falheim

Walking on Sunshine


I hope y’all have Walking on Sunshine today….It’s been so warm and hot today so I’ve walking on sunshine all day long…A fun part of this song is that I’ve interviewed Katrina Leskanich from Katrina and The waves : here’s the link: who made this song and then Dolly made a cover of it. Enjoy!