Dolly at Dixie Stampede 05/10/12 Part 2



I bought my ticket to see Dolly’s apperance at Dixie Stampede after my day at Dollywood. At 5 pm Dolly came out to celebrate 25 years of Dixie Stampede. I think she sang Red White and Bluegrass or was it Color Me America, she sang amazing anyway. It was really fun to see Dolly one day extra, and that the news announce about her apperance in the morning. YAY!


After this awesome and great performance by Dolly the owner of Dixie Stampede. I follow the people to another show in the buildning. 

The Dixie Stampede show was soo Awesome, it included horses, pigeons, pigs, two teams and ALOT of food. During the show I ate soup or gravy with bread, a whole chicken, pork, potato, corn, and a dessert with my fingers and drank alot of Pepsi. I talked to my neighbor who had lived in Pigeon Forge or a city close to Pigeon Forge for about 4 years, this day was his first time, and he loved it. He choosed the best day too, to both see Dolly, this awesome show, and all this great food in one day. I loved that day! I was lucky to have my hotel close to Dixie Stampede, I walked home HAPPY! It’s so cool, first time I visit Pigeon Forge and Dixie Stampede I see Dolly celebrate 25 years of her restaurant chain at the same week I’m there in the beautiful and wonderful mountains in Tennessee…

© Photos by: Diana Falheim


1 thought on “Dolly at Dixie Stampede 05/10/12 Part 2

  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the Dixie Stampede show . I have to say though that after reading about what you ate at the show you do have quite an appetite. Well, I wouldn’t blame you because there is certainly no better way to enjoy a good show at Dixie Stamped than with great food.

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