Dolly in the studio


Have you ever wonder how it is to work with Dolly in the studio? Here it’s a little video of it, from her album Those Were The Days . Enjoy! If you ever wanted to see Dolly’s real hair, you have to go buy this awesome album right now! Her hair designer ,have one day verified that her hair on one photo in that booklet is real. All I can say is, Dolly’s hair is Awesome Beautiful like her wigs are…Those Were The Days…

Better Day DVD this year?

According to Liquid Crystal Productions a Dolly Parton DVD is on post production, I hope it’s a DVD from the Better Day World Tour, at the Australia leg part, They’ve been filmed the show in Melbourne during 3 times. If I remember right Dolly had the pink and white outfits ( same as in Gothenburg) but diffrent hair design ( Cheryl worked really hard in the hot Australia during 4-5 weeks even tho’ she worked really hard before the tour in Australia) Dolly wear hair art works, masterpieces! I can’t wait for this special DVD. The DVD will please her biggest fans ( ME!!) and alot of others around the world, I’m sure it will have some new things in it YAAY!!