Smoky mountain memories…


I came to Pigeon Forge and my hotel Quality Inn and Suites Dollywood Lane at the midnight of May 8. I had travel from home to Copenhagen to Newark to Knoxville airport, I did had a delay at Newark about 2 hours because the storms in Knoxville. I was lucky to have a taxi from Rocky Top Tours who picked me up in Knoxville, the man had a sign with my name, I think that was really great to have,’cos I was so tired when I’m finally came so close to Pigeon Forge. 

When I came to the hotel, the hotel manager met me, he was so funny and easy to talk too, he thought I was a “little” crazy to travel alone to Pigeon Forge. But I said: I do it for Dolly! Hehe…Then I got my room, a standard room with two queen size beds. I’m sure needed that…One for my luggage and one for myself. 

The day after at May 9, I tried the breakfast at the hotel. I liked the apple there, I couldn’t eat so much of the other things tho’ it was food with alot of sugar in it or white bread…Later I bought my breakfast at the restaurant who was close to the hotel, McCallister Deli, they had awesome veggie clubs Yummy! I’ll go back there next time I take a flight to Pigeon Forge for sure!

It rained alot this day there…So I decide to take a walk in the rain. I almost walked to Sevierville that day, and it was alot of people who maybe thought I was crazy to walk at their sidewalk. I only saw two more people used the sidewalk ( I don’t count the day when the Homecoming parade was). 

After that I went to Cracker Barrel and bought me a Dolly shirt for the BIG Dolly days there, then I went to sleep…Smoky mountain memories keep me strong.

To be continue : Dolly at Dixie Stampede 5/10/12…