Saturday Guest: Tony Stewart Ohio USA

If you had the possibility to go out with Dolly, what would you do?

If Dolly and I could go out I would take he to a Drag Queen show…And have a few beers, and drive her Nuts asking her lots of questions…However I’m sure she would not mind! 

Tell me about the day when you became a fan of Dolly…

I was only 6 years old when I first seen heard her voice on the radio…I thought that lady sounds like an angel…I have followed her from then on and I’m 45 now!

Tell me about the day you met Dolly… 

Yes I have met Dolly, 8 years  ago in Columbus, Ohio…She was so so tiny…I first thought who is that little girl on that golf cart…Then I looked again and it was Dolly…We talked and she is so down to earth! And she smelled so Good!


By: Diana Falheim