Interview with the Dolly fan, Meredyth Kern from Texas USA

Tell me about the day when you became a fan of Dolly…

I became a Dolly fan around the age of 11 or 12. I saw the love in Dolly I didn’t have otherwise.

Why is Dolly special for you?

 Dolly is special to me because she is the kinda of person I wanted to be. Sweet down to earth and loving. She has been a great role model for me. I believe it’s because of her that I am the person I am today.

Tell me about the day you met Dolly. Do you have any dreams of meeting Dolly? 

Haven’t had a chance to meet her. That is my dream. My dreams are to continue going to Dollywood each year and one day have a M&G.

If you had the possibility to date Dolly, what would you do?

Maybe not date Dolly, but would love to have her cook me breakfast. I am sure it would be yummy:)


By: Diana Falheim

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